IESM 2015 - International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management - Seville (Spain)- October 21, 22, 23 2015 - The Road Ahead: Understanding Challenges and Grasping Opportunities in Industrial and Systems Engineering - Co-organized by School of Engineering ETSI | University of Seville | University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambrésis


Conference chairs

Framinan J.M., University of Seville, Spain
Perez P., University of Seville, Spain
Artiba A., University of Valenciennes, France

Advisory board

A. Artiba, Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis, France
A. Dolgui, École des Mines de Saint Etienne, France
Y. Frein, GDR MACS, France
R. Grubbström, Ekon.dr Tekn.lic. Dr h.c. Mult. Linkoping, Sweden
A. Kusiak, University of Iowa, United States
H. Pierreval, IFMA, Clermont-Ferrand, France
A. Quilliot, GDR RO, France
T. Takahashi, Hiroshima University, Japan
F. Vernadat, European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg
M. Zhou, New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, United States

Honorary committee

Ourak M. Pdt UVHC - Valenciennes

International scientific committee


Ruiz R. Polytecnic University of Valencia (Spain)
Dolgui A. École des Mines de St Etienne (France)


Adenso-Diaz B. (Spain)
Aghezzaf El H. (Belgium)
Ait-Kadi D. (Canada),
Allahverdi A. (Kuwait),
Allaoui H. (France),
Alvarez-Valdes R. (Spain),
Araújo M. (Portugal),
Artiba A. (France),
Ashayeri J. (Netherlands),
Baptiste P. (Canada),
Ben-Daya M. (Saudi Arabia),
Benyoucef L. (France),
Billaut J.-C. (France),
Borne P. (France),
Bourrières J.-P. (France),
Bruccoleri M. (Italy),
Burke E. (UK),
Camarinha-Matos L. M. (Portugal),
Carlier J. (France),
Castagliola P. (France),
Chatfield D. (USA),
Chelbi A. (Tunisia),
Childe S. (UK),
Chu C. (France),
Chu F. (France),
Cormier G. (Saudi Arabia),
Corominas A. (Spain),
D'amours S. (Canada),
Dauzère-Pérès S. (France)
Dehombreux P. (Belgium),
Disney S. (UK),
Duvivier D. (France),
Elmaghraby S. (USA),
Frein Y.  (France),
Gao L. (China)
Garcia-Sabater J. P. (Spain),
Gharbi A. (Canada),
Glardon R. (Switzerland),
Glock C. (Germany),
Goncalvez G. (France),
Gourgand M. (France),
Grabot B. (France),
Grubbström R.W. (Sweden),
Günther H.-O. (Germany),
Guinet A. (France),
He D. (USA),
Hennet J.-C. (France),
Jaber M. (Canada),
Jamali A. (Morocco),
Kacem I. (France),
Knust S. (Germany) ,
Kusiak A. (USA),
Lamouri S. (France),
Laporte G. (HEC,Canada),
Leisten R. (Germany),
Li X. (China)
López Campos M. (Chile)
Macchi M. (Italy),
Meskens N. (Belgium),
Moench L. (Germany),
Moukrim A. (France),
Nagano M. (Brazil),
Najid N. (France),
Nielsen P. (Denmark),
Nourelfath M. (Canada)
Oztemel E. (Turkey),
Ouali M.S. (Canada),
Pan Q.K. (China)
Pellerin R. (Canada),
Penz B. (France),
Pierreval H. (France),
Poler R. (Spain),
Povoa A. (Portugal),
Quilliot A. (France),
Ramudhin A. (UK),
Rezg N. (France),
Riane F. (Morocco),
Roux O. (Belgium),
Scarf P. (UK),
Siarry P. (France),
Skalli A. (Morocco),
Talbi E. (France),
Thomas A. (France),
Trentesaux D. (France),
Vernadat F. (Luxembourg),
Xie X. (France),
Yalaoui F. (France),
Zanjirani Farahani R. (UK),

Student competition committee

The process is presented here.

Chair: P. Baptiste (Canada)

Organizing committee


Artiba A., University of Valenciennes, France
Falcone F., IEEE Spain Section, University of Navarra, Spain
Framinan J. M., University of Seville, Spain
Perez P., University of Seville, Spain


Cannella, S., University of Seville, Spain
Dominguez Cañizares, R., University of Seville, Spain
Fernandez V., University of Seville, Spain
Dios Rubio M. A., University of Seville, Spain


Goudalier M. I4e2 (Conference secretary), France


Cocquebert E., UVHC (Production manager & Editor of content), France
Debail C., UVHC (Conception & integration), France
Delville O., UVHC (Design), France