Conference chairs

Aboutajdine D., Director of CNRST - IEEE Morocco Section, Morocco
Skalli A., EMI, Morocco.
Benchekroun B., EMI, Morocco.
Artiba A., University of Valenciennes, France

Honorary Committee

Daoudi M. L., Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Training of managers
Rabbah A., Minister of Equipment and Transport
Ourak M., Pdt UVHC - Valenciennes
Benjelloun W., Pdt Univ M. Rabat UM5A
Abidi M. L., Director of EMI - Rabat, Morocco 

International scientific committee


Laporte G.  HEC (Canada)
Dolgui A. Ecole des Mines de St Etienne (France)

Members (incomplete list)

Aghezzaf E.H. (Belgium)
Ait Kadi D. (Canada)
Allaoui H. (France)
Araújo M. (Portugal)
Arroub M. (Morocco)
Artiba A. (France)
Artigues C. (France)
Baptiste P. (Canada)
Benabbou L. (Morocco)
Benchekroun B. (Morocco)
Ben-Daya M. (Saudi Arabia)
Benyoucef L. (France)
Berrado A. (Morocco)
Borne P. (France)
Bouras A. (France)
Bourrières J.-P. (France)
Carlier J. (France)
Castagliola P (France)
Castagna P. (France)
Chelbi A. (Tunisia)
Chu C. (France)
Chu F. (France)
Cormier G. (Saudi Arabia)
Coulibaly A. (France)
D’amours S. (Canada)
Dauzère-Pérès S. (France)

Devolder P. (Belgium)
Dupont L. (France)
Duvivier D. (France)
El Hachemi N. (Morocco)
El Hassouni M. (Morocco)
El Koursi E. M. (France)
Elmaghraby S. (USA)
Framinan J.M. (Spain)
Gharbi A. (Canada)
Goncalvez G. (France)
Grabot B. (France)
Grubbström R.W. (Sweden)
Guinet A. (France)
Hadj-Alouane A.B (Tunisia)
Hammouch A. (Morocco)
Hanafi S.(France)
Hennet J.-C. (France)
Ibn El Haj El H. (Morocco)
Jaber M. (Canada)
Jamali A. (Morocco)
Kacem I. (France)
Kerzazi L. (Morocco)
Lamouri S. (France)
Meskens N. (Belgium)
Minaoui K. (Morocco)
Moukrim A. (France)

Mouline S. (Morocco)
Najid N. (France)
Nielsen P. (Denmark)
Nour El Fath M. (Canada)
Ouzineb M. (Morocco)
Oztemel E. (Turkey)
Pellerin R. Canada)
Penz B. (France)
Pierreval H. (France)
Pirlot M. (Belgium)
Poler R. (Spain)
Ramudhin A. (USA)
Rezg N. (France)
Rigaud P.(France)
Rziza M. (Morocco)
Sadoune M. (Morocco)
Sari Z. (Algeria)
Semet F. (France)
Siarry P. (France)
Skalli A. (Morocco)
Thomas A. (France)
Trentesaux D. (France)
Vernadat F. (Luxembourg)
Yalaoui F. (France)

Industrial committee


Khlie M. (ONCF, Morocco)
Terrab M. (OCP, Morocco)


Alami A.  (CDG, Morocco)
Mikou J. (TMSA Tanger-Med)

Student competition committee


Elmaghraby S. (USA)


Pierreval H. (France)
Baptiste P. (Canada)

Organizing committee


Essaaidi M. ENSIAS - IEEE Morocco Section, Morocco
Artiba A. University of Valenciennes, France
Benchekroun B EMI, Rabat, Morocco
Skalli A, EMI, Rabat, Morocco


Benabbou, L. EMI, Rabat, Morocco
Benbahim M. EMI, Rabat, Morocco
Berrado A. EMI, Rabat, Morocco
El Hachemi N, EMI, Rabat, Morocco
Jamali MA, ESITH , Casablanca, Morocco
Souissi O. University of Valenciennes, France


Goudalier M.  I4e2 – ASBL
Alloub N., EMI, Morocco
Belkoudia F., EMI, Morocco


Cocquebert E. UVHC (Production manager & editor of content)
Debail C. UVHC (Conception & integration)
Delville O. UVHC (Design)