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Second degree in the LMD system, the master’s degree specializes in view of a gradual orientation towards research or professional purposes.

As for the bachelor’s degree, the master’s is focused on a specific field and falls under a specialty.

Organized in four semesters worth 30 credits each and comprising an internship (in a company or in a laboratory), the master’s includes typical study paths with professional purposes (vocational master) or with research purposes (Research master). 

Attention: your degree will only be validated if you are fluent in at least one modern foreign language. Note: the master’s degree, an intermediate degree issued at the end of M1 at the student’s request, remains the reference level to sit for the competitive exam in the French Education system called “agrégation”.


The choice of a major is made at the beginning of the master’s course (M1). It defines the academic and professional skills acquired by the student at the end of the master’s cycle. Its title may refer to as discipline or an association of disciplines and / or professional fields.

Appended to the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the descriptive appendix lists the skills and knowledge acquired during these studies, validated by ECTS.

Professional focus (vocational Master) or Research focus (Research Master)

The master may or may not include a common core of one to three semesters depending on the courses. The choice (and selection) between Research and professional focus comes after the common core.


Registration in the 1st year of the master (M1) is automatic for holders of a bachelor’s degree in a compatible field, except for certain selective courses. It is subject to the assessment of the teaching staff for students from other fields. Access to the 2nd year of the master (M2) is based on a selection.


A bachelor’s degree course can be validated by capitalization (acquisition of all teaching units) or by  compensation. Within a training cycle, any student may by right continue his / her studies provided he or she has validated all semesters or still has only one semester to pass.