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The Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France has significant equipment in the field of transport, especially within the framework of the C3T, a technical center for businesses and managed by Valutec, a company created by the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France in 1998 to promote innovation, meet industrial needs and help set up new businesses.

Simulateur de conduite  véhicule hybride  ergonomie de véhicule

The other areas of excellence develop an activity to promote research towards regional and national manufacturers, from basic information to a full study or research project.

All these actions aim at initiating, guiding, and supporting innovation and the use of new technologies.

The main platforms

Rail driving and traffic management, air traffic simulator, mobile robot fleet, hybrid vehicle, thermal engine testbench, driving simulator, semi-industrial wind tunnel, catapult, pedestrian, impact bench, thermal measurement platform, fast videos, Hopkinson bars, fast cylinder, high speed braking, glass -tool interface, gestural analysis room, radio electronics, acoustic technology workshop, scientific calculator, language resource center and so on.

Barres Hopkinson  chercheur au microscope  Frottement à chaud

Find out about research equipment in each laboratory: