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 Student residences

In France, student residences are run by an independent organisation, the Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS). The International Student Mobility Support at the University of Valenciennes has signed an agreement with the CROUS. The Office can reserve rooms for international students from in two student residences. 


Requests must be handwritten and submitted via the Accommodation Reservation Request Form. This form must be sent by post to the International Student Mobility Support.

Student residences application deadlines: 
- 31st May for students arriving for the Autumn semester.
- 15th November for those arriving for the Spring semester.



Private accommodation

The PIJ (Point Information Jeunesse) in Valenciennes provides a list of accommodation available to rent in Valenciennes and in the surrounding area:


Students who have not found accommodation in advance can reserve a room in a hotel for their first few nights in Valenciennes. Consult the list of hotels on the Valenciennes Tourist Office website :



What do T1 and T1Bis mean? 
Apartments are classified according to the number of rooms (not including the kitchen and bathroom). For example: a type 1 apartment (T1 or studio) is made up of a main room, a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen or kitchenette (electric hob, fridge and storage space). The main room in a T1Bis is bigger than in a T1. 

How do I complete a student residence admissions dossier?
All international students who are accepted into a student residence must complete a student residence admissions dossier upon arrival. This dossier must include the following:

  • a copy of the third-party guarantee agreement signed by the guarantor (who keeps a copy). This form will be sent to you by the International Student Mobility Support. 
  • a copy of the guarantor's passport or National Identity card.
  • a copy of a proof of address of the guarantor (electricity bill, landline telephone bill, gas bill etc.).
  • a copy of the most recent payslip of the guarantor.
  • 2 copies of the rules and regulations signed by the student and the guarantor (1 copy for the student and 1 for the guarantor). This form will be provided by the International Student Mobility Support. 
  • a copy of the student's passport or National Identity card.
  • a copy of the student's home institution student card.
  • 2 passport photos of the student.

IMPORTANT: The CROUS does not accept guarantors outside of the EU. If non-European students do not have guarantors in Europe they must pay several months' rent in advance (+ the deposit). 

What is a contract and how do I cancel it?
The "Les Tertiales" residence offers 12-month contracts. The student must pay 12 months' rent, even if  he/she leaves the accommodation before the end of the contract. If the student wishes to leave the residence before the end of the year, he/she must give notice 1 month before leaving so that the residence staff, or the student, can find a new tenant if necessary.

What is a third-party guarantee agreement?
To guarantee payment of the rent, the student residences require a third-party guarantee agreement, filled in and signed by a guarantor as well as the National Identity card of said guarantor, a proof of address and a copy of their most recent payslip. The guarantor is a person (who must come from the EU), who must pay the rent if the student cannot (which of course shouldn't happen!).
If the student cannot find a guarantor who is a citizen of the European Union, he/she must pay several months' rent in advance for the "Jules Mousseron" residence. Please note: non-European students at the "Les Tertiales" residence must pay the full year's rent in advance.

What is a deposit?
In each residence, a deposit (not to be confused with the third-party guarantee) is required in order to obtain the keys to the room or studio. This amount will be paid back at the end of your stay if no damage has occurred in your accommodation. To avoid any discrepancies, the student is required to sign an inventory upon arrival and departure, either with the owner, one of his representatives or a representative of the student residence. If the premises are damaged, the residence will use the deposit to pay for the repairs.

Do I need to take out housing insurance?
For the "Jules Mousseron" and "Les Tertiales" student residences, housing insurance for water and fire damage is included in the price of the rent. The CROUS has signed an agreement for general cover for its tenants. However, it is recommended that each tenant take out a personal insurance policy for personal liability and in the event of any theft of property in his/her room. The Student Insurance Application Forms are available at the Student Services ("Maison des Services à l'Étudiant").

How do I pay my rent?
The rent is to be paid at the Reception of the student's residence before the 10th of each month, either by cheque, card or in cash.
Whatever your date of departure, please be aware that the whole month's rent is due. For example: whether you leave on the 3rd June or the 29th June, you will have to pay the rent for the whole of June.
You must give the International Student Mobility Support written notice (by international_in [at] (email)) of your departure date at least one month before you intend to leave.

How can I apply for financial aid for my accommodation?
To apply for financial aid for your accommodation (APL), please refer to the CAF website:    (Click on « Pratique », then « Accéder à  une demande », then "télécharger un formulaire"). Your application must include:

  • a proof of address (which will be provided by the residence upon your arrival)
  • a photocopy of your passport or National Identity card
  • a document proving  you study at the UVHC
  • a photocopy of your European Health Insurance Card or of your private health insurance
  • a declaration of honour guaranteeing that you have enough money for your stay, equal or superior to the sum of the RMI (475€ per month) and your bank details if you opened a bank account in France. 
  • Non-European students must also provide the CAF with a copy of their visa.

> Video "Financial AID"

Is there Internet access in the residences?
At the residence "Jules Mousseron", as in all residences of CLOUS, students have a personal internet access from their arrival at the residence. In each room there is either a phone jack or RJ45 jack.

Are the student residences equipped with Wi-Fi?
In addition to the coverage areas of the wireless network on campus, a terminal allows access to WI-FI in the cafeteria of the Residence Jules Mousseron and in the common rooms and corridors of the residence .. For more information on the WI-FI at the UVHC, please visit:, (click on the "Wireless Network" tab).