Final Program

Wednesday, June 28th

10h0017h00 Registration
13h3017h00 Guided tour of a Coal mine (Historic Mining Centre Lewarde)
17h30-20h00 Welcoming reception and wine tasting animated by œnologist in the "musée des beaux arts de Valenciennes"

Thursday, June 29th

07h30-08h00 Registration
  Welcome: Representatives of the UVHC & ULB (Presentation)

Franck Barbier, MCU-HDR, Conference chairperson, general introduction (Video)ion,
Patrick Millot, PU, vice-president research of the University of Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambrésis (UVHC) , presentation of the UVHC (Video)
Eric Markiewicz, PU,
Head of the Laboratoire d'Automatique, de Mécanique et d'Informatique industrielles et Humaines (LAMIH), presentation of LAMIH (Video)
François-Xavier Lepoutre, PU, head of the Biomechanics Research Team (BRT) of LAMIH, Presentation of the BRT
(Presentation) (Video)
Serge Van Sint Jan, PhD, President of the Scientific Committe (Video),


1st Special Session : Photogrammetry
Chairmen : Chris Baten & Paul Allard
Mémorial Lecture : Herman Woltring (Presentation)

08h30-09h15 Invited Speaker: Fabio Remondino, Videogrammetry for human movement analysis (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
09h15-09h30 Michael Skipper Andersen, Michael Damsgaard and John Rasmussen, Marker-Based Motion Reconstruction of Constrained Rigid-Segment Systems (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
09h30-09h45 Hans Gerber, Monika Zihlmann, Mauro Foresti and Edgar Stüssi, Method to simultaneously measure 3D kinematic and kinetic data during normal level walking using KISTLER force plates, VICON System and video-fluoroscopy (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
09h45-10h00 Leardini A., Taddei F., Benedetti M.G., Astolfi L. , Montanari L., Manfrini M., Viceconti M., Techniques for fusion of gait analysis with medical imaging data: exploitation in patients operated on massive skeletal reconstruction (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
Sponsor presentation : Codamotion (Presentation) (Video)
10h15-10h30 Discussion

10H30-11h00 Coffee Break & possible access to poster session
  1st Field Session : software
Chairmen : François-Xavier Lepoutre & Serge Van Sint Jan (Presentation)
11h00-11h15 Pierre-Brice Wieber, Florence Billet, Laurence Boissieux, Roger Pissard-Gibollet, The HuMAnS toolbox, a homogenous framework for motion capture, analysis and simulation (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)

Fedor Moiseev, Victor Sholukha, Vadislav Aramov and Serge Van Sint Jan, SMART Software for advanced registration and visualization of human morphological, kinematics and motion data (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)

11h30-11h45 Jaap Harlaar & Caroline Doorenbosch, 3D kinematic analysis by BodyMech A Matlab based open source software package for research and education (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
11h30-11h45 S. Martelli, N. Lopomo, E. Ferretti, A. Visani, An Intuitive Software for Diarthrodial Joint Analysis (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
12h00-12h15 Discussion
12h15-13h15 Lunch & Coffee
13h15-14h00 Poster Session (see below)
  2nd Special Session : Skin motion
Chairmen : Antonio Pinti & Georgios Stylianides (Presentation)
14h00-14h45 Invited Speaker: Ugo Della Croce, Skin motion artefacts (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
15h00-15h15 Lydia Yahia Cherif and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Quantification of skin movements artefacts using MRI (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
15h15-15h30 M. Sangeux, F. Marin, F. Charleux, L. Dürselen, M.C. Ho Ba Tho, Soft tissue motion measurement on shank and thigh with MRI (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
15h30-15h45 Sponsor presentation : Motion Analysis (Presentation) (Video)
15h45-16h00 Discussion
16h00-16h30 Break & possible access to poster session

2nd Field Session : measurement techniques
Chairmen : Anne Pascale Maquinghen-Godillon & Arne Lundberg (Presentation)


16h30-16h45 W. Lee, L. Frossard, K. Hagberg, E. Haggstrom, D. Lee Gow, S. Gray and R. Branemark, Direct Measurement of 3D Force and Moment on Lower-Limb Osseointegrated Fixation (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
16h45-17h00 Sapin E., Goujon H., de Almeida F., Fodé P., Lavaste F., Functional gait analysis of transfemoral amputees using Hydracadence® knee joints compared with other single axis prosthetic knees with hydraulic
swing phase control
(abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
17h15-17h30 Lianne Jones, Cathy Holt, Amy Bowers, Movement of the Shoulder Complex :The development of a measurement technique based on proposed ISB standards (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
17h30-17h45 Patrick Salvia, Stéphane Bouilland, Victor Sholukha, Véronique Feipel, Serge Van Sint Jan and Marcel Rooze, Three Dimensionnal kinematics of the Shoulder (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
17h45-18h00 Discussion
18h15 Last information
18h30-19h00 Business Meeting (open to all) (Presentation)
20h00 Banquet

Friday , June 30th

07h30-08h00 Registration

3rd Special Session :  modeling
Chairmen : Philippe Pudlo, Serge Van Sint Jan & Franck Barbier (Presentation)

08h00-08h45 Invited Speaker: Ajay Seth, A motion tracking method for the modeling and simulation of human movement in 3D (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
08h45-09h00 Thomas Robert , Laurence Chèze , Raphael Dumas, Jean-Pierre Verriest, Joint forces and moments calculation for a 3D whole body model during complex movement : Application to the balance recovery movement following a support surface translation (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
09h00-09h15 Ilya Phenichniy, Andrey Morozov, Victor Sholukha, Real time modeling of human body dynamics (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
09h15-09h30 Desmarais M., Aissaoui R., Barré A., Knee Joint Energy Dissipation: A New Conceptual Approach To Inverse Dynamic Analysis (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
09h30-09h45 Sponsor presentation : ViconPeak (Video)
09h45-10h00 Discussion
10h00-10h30 Coffee Break & possible access to poster session

4th Special Session : data analysis
Chairmen : Eric Watelain & David Mitchelson (Presentation)

11h0011h45 Invited Speaker: Pierre Loslever, Objectivity and subjectivity in the analysis of 3D movement data (abstract 1) (abstract 2) (Presentation) (Video)
11h4512h00 Raphaël Dumas, Elsa Nicol & Laurence Chèze, Influence of perturbated gait data on four 3D inverse dynamic methods (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
12h0012h15 David R. Labbe, Nicola Hagemeister, Mathieu Charbonneau & Jacques A. de Guise, Evaluation of the intra- and inter-observer reproducibility of a method for studying three-dimensional knee kinematics (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
12h15-12h30 Lianne Jones, Malcolm Beynon & Cathy Holt, Knee Function Classification: An overview of the Dempster-Shafer based classifier (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
12h30-12h45 Discussion
12h45-13h45 Lunch & Coffee
13h45-14h15 Poster Session (see below)

5th Special Session : markerless motion capture
Chairmen : Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed, Tom Whitaker & Lasse Roren (Presentation)


14h15-15h00 Invited Speaker: Stefano Corazza and Lars Muendermann, Markerless technology (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
15h00-15h15 Björn Holmberg, Bo Nordin, Ewert Bengtsson, Håkan Lanshammar, Possibilities in using skin texture based image registration for movement analysis (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
15h15-15h30 Serge Samper, Hugues Favrelière, Pierre Vacher & Terence Coudert, 3D measurement and synthesis of facial expressions Modal analysis of stereovision measurements (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
15h30-15h45 R. Bartalesi, N. Carbonaro, F. Lorussi, M. Tesconi, A. Tognetti, G. Zupone & D. De Rossi, Smart Textiles Toward a Wearable Motion System (abstract) (Presentation) (Video)
15h45-16h00 Sponsor presentation : XsenS
16h00-16h15 Discussion
16H1516h45 Break & possible access to poster session
16h4517h30 Discussion from / with invited speakers (Presentation)
17h30 Closing Ceremony (Presentation)
  Poster Session

Ergonomics Section


Matthieu Maesani, Gilles Dietrich, Gilles Hoffmann, Isabelle Laffont, Sylvain Hanneton, Agnès Roby-Brami, Inverse dynamics for 3D upper limb movements. A critical evaluation from electromagnetic 6D data obtained in quadriplegic patients. (abstract) (Poster)



Dragulescu Doina, Catherine Couturier & Menyhardt Karoly, Human upper limb kinematical model in a 3D workspace (abstract)



Helios De Rosario, Álvaro Page, Rosa Porcar, Vicente Mata & Juan Víctor HoyosHelios De Rosario, Measure of trunk 3D kinematics in sitting posture by stereophotogrammetry. Implications for seat design (abstract) (Poster)



S. Rahmatalla, T. Xia, M. Contratto, D. Wilder, L. Frey-Law, G. Kopp & N. Grosland, 3D Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration of Seated Operators in a Whole Body Vibration Environment using Optical motion Capture Systems (abstract)


  Anthropometry Section

Julien Leboucher, Mélany Hars, Antonio Pinti, Geneviève Dumas, Inertial and geometrical segment parameters for female elite gymnasts (abstract) (Poster)



Mohsen Damavandi, Paul Allard, Franck Barbier, Julien Leboucher, Charles-Hilaire Rivard and Nader Farahpour, Estimation of Whole Body Moment of Inertia using self-imposed oscillations (abstract) (Poster)



Kei Aoki, Makiko Kouchi and Masaaki Mochimaru, A Kinematic Estimation of Functional Joint Rotation Centers of Whole Body (abstract)


  Signal Processing Section

Koon Kiat Teu and Wangdo Kim, Identifying Screw Motion from Noisy Data (abstract)



Aya Kimura, Kei Aoki, Masaaki Mochimaru, Junichi Ushiba, Yutaka Tomita, The method for separation of superimposed ground reaction forces and center of pressures of gait during double stance phase (abstract)



Mauro Foresti, Hans Gerber, Monika Zihlmann, Edgar Stuessi, A novel set up for the automation of a video fluoroscope to retrieve knee joint kinematics during level walking (abstract)



Aissaoui R., Mecheri H., Hagemeister N., de Guise J.A., Robust estimation of screw axis from 3D pose using dual quaternion algebra (abstract)



H. Liu, C.A. Holt and S.L. Evans, Measuring tooth movement in 3D Resolution, accuracy and reliability of the optical motion capture system (abstract)



Kool P., Cattrysse E., Van Roy P., A method to compensate kinematic cross-talk (abstract) (Poster)


  Tomislav Pribanic, Peter Sturm, Ivan Brigic, Body segments angle computation from single view (abstract)

František Zahálka, Experiment of precision of DLT method: Precision of the experiment of the DLT method space points reconstruction (abstract) (Poster)



D. Shojaee, H. Helali, A.A. Alesheikh, triangulation for surface modelling (abstract)


  Instrumentation Section

Junghwa Hong and Hwan Choi, Dynamic analysis of transfemoral amputee's musculoskeletal system using muscle activation control parameters measured by FES experiments (abstract)



J Favre, R Aissaoui, BM Jolles, O Siegrist, JA de Guise, K Aminian, 3D joint rotation measurement using MEMs inertial sensors: Application to the knee joint (abstract)



Térence Coudert, Pierre Vacher, Marc Van der Zande, A method to obtain 3D foot shape deformation
during the gait cycle



S.B. Thies, P. Tresadern, L. Kenney, D. Howard, Y. Goulermas, C. Smith, J. Rigby, Comparison of linear accelerations from three measurement systems during “reach & grasp” (abstract) (Poster)



Robert Sitnik, Artur Filipczak, Marcin Witkowski, Walter Rapp, Bart Haex, 4D measurement and surface analysis for diagnosis of human lower limbs motion (abstract) (Poster)

  Anatomy Section

P. Wolf, A. Stacoff, R. Luechinger, P. Boesiger, E. Stuessi, A MR imaging procedure to investigate
tarsal bone mechanics
(abstract) (Poster)



P.M. Dugailly, Helical Axis and modeling of the upper cervical spine (abstract)



Cattrysse E., Baeyens J.P., Kool P., Clarys J.P., Van Roy P., 3D-Arthrokinematic Analysis of Axial rotation and Lateral bending mobilization of the Upper Cervical spine. An in vitro analysis of coupled motions by cross-correlation, ratio and phase shift characteristics (abstract) (Poster)



Patrick Salvia, Knee kinematics: validation of a re-orientation technique of knee axis (abstract) (Poster)



Flatters, I, Lawson, S. E. M. and Johnson G.R., The Effect Of Image Analysis Technique On Modeling Deltoid Action (abstract)


  Sport Section

Guillaume Agnesina, Redha Taiar, Nicolas Houel, Kevin Guelton, Philippe Hellard, Yuli Toshev, BRG.LifeMOD? modeling and simulation of swimmers impulse during a grab start (abstract)



N. Delattre, M. A. Lafortune, P. Moretto, Inter-subjects Running Dynamic Similarities in Men and Women (abstract) (Poster)



Nils Betzler, Stefan Kratzenstein, Fabian Schweizer, Kerstin Witte, Gongbing Shan, 3D Motion Analysis of Golf Swings Development and validation of a golf-specific test set-up (abstract) (Poster)

  Clinic Section

Chris Kirtley, Application of Power/Energy Analysis in 3D (abstract)



Marie Geronimi & Philippe Gorce, 3D motion analyse used in prehension study: Interactions with obstacle proprieties (abstract) (Poster)



Vlad Morcovescu, Doina Dragulescu, Mirela Toth-Tascau, The dynamic study of the human lower limb during normal gait (abstract)



Leardini A., Benedetti M.G., Nativo R., Berti L., Giannini S., Designing experimental protocols for
routine clinical gait analysis: exemplary cases on lower limb and foot multi-segmental analysis
(abstract) (Poster)


François Potdevin, Christophe Gillet, Franck Barbier, Yann Coello, Pierre Moretto, The study of Asymmetry in Able-bodied Gait with the concept of Propulsion and Brake (abstract)



Maurel N., Diop A., Fitoussi F., Laassel EM., Gouraud D., Penneçot GF, A Protocol for 3D kinematics and electromyographic analysis of the upper limb applicable to cerebral palsy children (abstract)



J-N. Goubier, L. Devun, D. Mitton, F. Lavaste, In vivo trapeziometacarpal joint kinematics using an optoelectronic system: a data basis on healthy subjects (abstract) (Poster)



A. Esteki, 3D Kinematic analysis of target directed movement of the hand in Multiple Sclerosis patients
a study on the effect of Deep Brain Stimulation
(abstract) (Poster)



Desloovere K., Molenaer G., Age related changes in EMG profiles and muscle length patterns during gait in healthy growing children and adults (abstract) (Poster)



G.M. Whatling, C.A. Holt, L Jones, J.K. Madete, H. Dabke, P.M. Alderman, P. Roberts, Investigating the effects of surgical approach on total hip arthroplasty recovery using 3D gait analysis (abstract)



H. Goujon, E. Sapin, P. Fodé et F. Lavaste, Three-dimensional motions of trunk and pelvis during transfemoral amputee gait (abstract)



Robyn S. Newell and Kevin J. Deluzio, Detecting differences between asymptomatic and osteoarthritic gait is influenced by changing the knee adduction moment model (abstract) (Poster)



Andrea Hemmerich, Willem van der Merwe and Christopher L. Vaughan, Three-Dimensional in vivo Motion Analysis of Knee Joint Laxity under Torsional Loading (abstract) (Poster)