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Biomaterials: Bioceramics and bioglasses

Team activities

The biomaterials team investigates two complementary topics: bioceramics and bioglasses. The clinical applications of these biomaterials are related to bone substitution.

The research performed by the team involves:

  • good control of all the steps of biomaterials fabrication, from synthesizing the powder to making sure that the materials have the appropriate physical, chemical, mechanical and biological properties;
  • the development of new biomaterials with increased therapeutic properties;
  • the improvement of the part’s porous structure to insure optimized osteo-conduction; and
  • the augmentation of the bone substitute’s mechanical properties.

Current research topics

  • Synthesis of phophocalcic powders and bio-glasses.
  • Synthesis of bio-glasses through the sol-gel process.
  • Bioceramics and bioglasses with controlled porous architecture.
  • Microporous ceramics: biological response and functionalization.
  • Densification and mechanical properties of phophocalcic ceramics.
  • Bioceramic coatings on textile fibres.