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Scientific Computing and CAGD

Scientific Computing and CAGD

Today’s computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) software packages are used throughout the manufacturing process of products, from the conceptual design, through engineering design and assemblies, simulation and testing, to manufacturing methods and tooling. In Science, numerical simulation provides a thorough insight into complex processes, steering new knowledge. These techniques demand large computing resources and take advantage of the continuous growth of computer performance and storage capacity. However, sustained research of new algorithms and of novel numerical tools is required to fully benefit from these improvements.

Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) or geometric modelling of curves and surfaces
Scientific Computing regroups, in wide sense, Numerical Simulation, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Analysis.

  • Mathématiques et applications [ LAMAV ]
  • Automatique, mécanique et informatique humaines [ LAMIH ]
  • Information - Communication / Design, Visuel, Urbain [ DeVisU ]